Services for Children

What is Therapy?  Therapy is the diagnosing and treatment of a Mental Health Disorder (i.e. ADHD, O.D.D., Depression, Anxiety, etc.). All professionals diagnose children with the same standardized methodologies, and it is the treatment approaches that vary. 

Our Therapists provide a variety of mental health services including individual and family therapy, evaluation and counseling.  We offer services in English and Spanish.  Below are the treatment modalities we offer. 

Creative-Arts Therapy

What is 'Creative-Arts' Therapy?  Creative-Arts therapies use art, music, drama, dance, movement, poetry/creative writing, and biblio-therapy to help children express their thoughts and feelings.  Since children can struggle to verbalize their emotional state, using create arts therapy can help children process and cope with life's challenges. 

​​Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy? ​​​​ Play therapy is defined as a treatment method in which emotionally disturbed children are encouraged to process a traumatic event through play.  During treatment, children act out the themes they struggle to verbally communicate.  This process is aided by a therapist's interpretation, using a  child-center or directive therapy approach.

​​Recreational Therapy

What is Recreational Therapy? ​  Recreational Therapy uses sports, calisthenics, games, relay races, and other movement activities to develop interpersonal relationships.  This treatment approach also teaches children how to socialize effectively, and to develop the confidence needed to participate in group activities.

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