Success-Stories *Names Changed For Confidentiality

In-Home Parent Leadership Program®

"Before we started The In-Home Parent Leadership Program it was very difficult to get my 5-year-old son to behave, particularly with his younger brother. He also did a lot of sensory-seeking behaviors.   After working with Jason for about 6 weeks using his methods, we have noticed a dramatic improvement in his behavior (and so have others who know and interact with my son).

He's much better behaved with his brother, much more engaged with other children -- he actually comes home and tells me about the kids in class who he played with, when in the past he didn't like to play with anyone and would spend the entire recess running around by himself, and much more talkative and inquisitive. It's as if a switch has been flipped and he is a much more calm, engaged, pleasant child to be around and we are so thrilled with his progress and so appreciative for Jason's efforts and ideas about how to work with him.

We have seen other child therapists in the past who didn't seem to "get" what was going on with our son, but Jason seemed to understand him right away, which was very comforting and is proving very useful in improving his behavior."

-Joanne G. (Mother of 5 year-old son)

"The idea of therapy was uncomfortable for my husband,  but The In-Home Parent Leadership Program completely resonated with him!  You taught us how to be calm and consistent with consequences.  By using your techniques we have gotten my happy, loving, smiling son back.  You taught us that discipline with consistent consequences is love. You acknowledged our issues without judgement and helped us move forward with a happy family life.

My son uses the tools you taught and showed him to manage his frustrations in a positive way. You are able to relate to both children and adults with simple, realistic, implementable advise. From our very first meeting you gave us tools that changed the dynamic of our family. We are forever grateful and appreciative of you. You are truly a special person with a genuine gift for your profession. Anyone who is struggling or just wants to be better would serve themselves and their family well to meet with you. We thank our pediatrician for recommending you. With sincere gratitude and respect."

- Susan and Steven W. (Mother of 2 Boys: Ages 9 and 12)

"I used to think hitting as a form of discipline was the way to  raise children.  After all, I was raised that way, and I turned out to be very productive in life.  As my husband and I went through the program, I started to notice that hitting worked immediately only because my children were afraid of me.  Deep down, I want my children to listen...NOT fear me!  After being shown a better way, I now see hitting only teaches them how to treat people smaller and weaker.  Once I realized that, I switched to the lessons taught in the Program, and I see a world of difference in their behavior without hitting (or yelling!)

 Nikki and Carlos R. (Parents of 3  Children- Ages: 3, 6 (Boys) and an 8 year-old girl)

"My husband I get along in most areas-EXCEPT our parenting styles were completely different!  We both love each other (and our children) very much, but we just couldn’t seem to agree on the best way to structure our daily routines and discipline our children.

When we enrolled in The In-Home Parent Leadership Program, Jason showed us how to implement ONE plan that we could both agree.   My husband and I are now working together as a team in raising our children.  We both have a much better understanding of how much to expect of our children and how to set limits.  We are so grateful to The In-Home Parent Leadership Program…it strengthened our marriage."

-Cheryl and Michael L. (Mother of 4 boys Ages: 3, 5, 7, and 10)

"When we called Jason we were desperate.  My 6 year old had just threaten to stab me with a butter knife for no apparent reason. We had been through destroying things, hitting, throwing hitting, biting fits where we felt desperate and didn't know how to stop it. We had been to multiple therapists who specialized with young children, attended parenting classes, read many books, and nothing was working. In fact, I think it was making it worse. I was so worried about my son having choices and feeling heard, I didn't realize that I was failing to set calm limits for him that he needed, and we were actually reinforcing the negative behavior.

Within two meetings with Jason things dramatically improved!  By the end of the In-Home Parent Leadership Program things completely turned around.  We are so grateful that Jason helped us find a way to set limits while being kind, respectful, and calm. In fact, using his method made me feel like I was being a calmer, kinder parent than with the other methods.  I am so grateful that we found Jason when we did.  Our home is peaceful and happy! Thank You!!

-Erica  and Adam W. (Parents of a 6 year-old son)

"While we met with Jason in hopes of him 'fixing' our 9 year-old son, what we actually learned was how to fix the parenting of our son. What worked well for our other children wasn't what he needed from us, and Jason helped us see the gaps in our parenting and how to be the parents our son needs us to be.

Jason didn't speak in generalities either, but gave us specifics from what he observed of our son and said, 'when (your son) does (this behavior) then you need to say (these words) and do (these actions).  The techniques were very specific to various behaviors.

Within weeks, we saw a massive change in our son's behavior and attitude, and the level of stress and frustration in our home greatly reduced.  Thank you for helping us to really understand our son and for the tools to turn things around."

-Jennifer and Mathew C. (Parents of 3 children: 2 boys Ages: 2.5, 9, and 4 year-old girl)

"We can't say enough positive things about The In-Home Leadership Program.  Jason helped successfully guide us through some complex behavioral issues (dinner time & bed) with our 4 year-old son. 

At the time, we thought we had tried everything.  Almost immediately after we began working with Jason on our evening routines, we started to see very positive results. Within a month, our son now helps set the table, eats with us (although doesn’t finish every meal), and clean up after he’s finished.  Also, (after 2 months) our son is now sleeping through the night without coming into our bed anymore.  We can’t thank you enough for all of your help!"

-Felicia and Gerald R. (Parents of a 4 year-old son)

“I felt like I was drowning as a mother to my 8-year-old daughter with ADHD and ODD. Our entire household was miserable. I enrolled in The Parent Leadership Program, and I put the skills I learned into practice.

My household has had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more crazy punishments that didn’t work. My daughter and I have an excellent relationship now. I learned so much from the program that I will never forget.  I was the one that needed to change, I just didn’t know how.

Jason helped me to calm down, hover over my daughter less, and look at parenthood from a new perspective.

-Rachel S. (Mother of  an 8 year-old girl)

"At first the idea of someone coming into our home and teaching us how to parent was shameful for us.  We couldn't believe we weren't able to control our children's behavior through years of therapy and medication, and nothing was working! 

From the moment Jason walked in the door, we were able to regain peace and order in our home, for the very first time.  Jason is kind, genuine, and firm enough to teach us the leadership skills, we will remember for the rest of our lives!  Thank you for all of your help!"​

-Courtney N . (Mother of  a 5 year old boy and 8 year-old girl)

"We found the principles learned in The In-Home Parent Leadership Program very easy to apply in our daily life.  We are better at staying in control and calm when confronted by various situations with our children (which is quite often!). 

The techniques do work and we feel great to be in charge, instead of our children being in charge.  Finally, my husband and I can effectively lead our children without yelling and punishing them like we used to.  We recommend this program for anyone that has ever wondered if parenting could be easier!  Our life has gone from chaos to calm because of it!" 

-Mary and Jared L. (Mother of 4 boys Ages: 4, 7, 10, and 12)

"I am the father of an 12-year-old son who has Oppositional Defiance Disorder and ADHD.  I am always looking for ways to help him that do not include “increasing his Meds”.  I am so excited to have the strategies I learned The In-Home Parent Leadership Program. Jason has helped me literally through meltdowns, tantrums, and physical attacks!  I now see my relationship with my son in a new light!  We get along much better than we used to, and he is much more cooperative and helpful around the house.”

-Thomas G. (Father 12-year-old son)

In-Home Creative-Arts Therapy

“When I started looking for a child therapist, I knew the key to success was finding someone my daughter would connect with. This in itself is often a challenge.  However, from the moment I met Jason, I knew he was perfect for my daughter.  He is warm, very insightful, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the needs of my daughter. 

My daughter liked him at once, as did I, as we both sensed Jason is genuinely very caring and he made us feel at ease.  His insight into my daughter was both interesting and very helpful, it was as if Jason had given us access to more of our child, which delighted my husband and myself.  We felt very lucky to have Jason there to support our child.”

-Latoya and Greg P. (Parents of an 8 year-old daughter)

"Jason has been providing creative arts therapy to my 4 year old son for about 2 months. I’ve worked with numerous child psychologists and other professionals in the past, but found Jason to be a breath of fresh air. 

He really listened to the problems we were facing, and gave suggestions and explained outcomes in such a clear and simple way.  Everything he said made sense, and for the first time I felt that we may be able to make some progress with our son’s struggles with Separation Anxiety."

-Stephanie (Mother of a 4 year-old son)

"Before family therapy with Jason, I felt my communication with my kids was more about asking them to complete tasks rather than just enjoying my interactions and spending time to play with them. The sessions have taught me how to communicate with the kids in a way that opens up their emotions to me. I can see they are more relaxed and talkative with me and we now have a much stronger bond."

-Jackie and Jonathan (Parents of 3 Children Ages: 7, 9, and 11)

“Initially, it took a lot for me to pick up the phone and call for help with my 11 year old daughter, but I am glad that I did..  The In-Home Parent Coach provide  incredibly skilled therapists.  My daughter's therapist helped her over-come issues with self-esteem, focusing better in school, and get along with her friends. If you are thinking about in-home therapy through The In-Home Parent Coach, I highly suggest you call.”

-Patricia M. (Mother of an 11 year-old daughter)​