About Us


The In-Home Parent Coach®

  • The In-Home Parent Coach® has worked since 2008 with boys and girls with severe emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges from various ethnic backgrounds, races, and religions.  

  • We have been a trusted provider on in-home services throughout Northern New Jersey, demonstrating in multiple venues that parents can be empowered and trained to establish their leadership roles in the family.


Our Mission

  • Many families have benefited from our parent coaching and child therapy services, which can be adapted to the changing needs of families with children of all ages.


  • Our sole mission is to drastically shorten the weeks (sometimes months or even years) it takes to restore order in the home, empower parents, and reconnect families!  


Our Philosophy

  •  We believe that parents can gain the leadership skills necessary to restore order in the home, strengthen the bond between parent-child, and reconnect with their children.   We are highly attuned to the leadership process and verbal/nonverbal communication skills needed to bring peace back into the home. 
  • Our unique experiences on the ‘front line of battle’ make us a powerful catalyst for change when working with families. Through reprogramming, exploration, guidance, and direct training, our parents learn to confront their fears, plan effectively, and take steps to reclaim their parental power. ​ 

Services May Be Covered, In Part, By Your Health Insurance

CEO/Founder: Jason Johnson's Resume